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Tarot Musings with Arwen

Playing Cards the Old-Fashioned Way

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Fool, RWS, Rider Waite Smith
Tarot Musings
Tarot Musings



August 18th, 2012


I've been a long time absent from a few online forums, LJ being only one of them.
I received notices in my email recently, about friends' birthdays, and a few friends' LJ updates.
Looked into my messages here (I had stored up about 14 pages worth of past updates from other people), deleted what was no longer pertinent/necessary/taken down by the author, and among those older alerts were a few posts from this community.

I'm still learning (do you ever stop learning tarot?), and recently I haven't so much been trying to actually read; I gradually came to a kind of conclusion that maybe a change in tactic might be necessary for me to make progress in my learning, and I've been having sessions of randomly shuffling and pulling cards, in between just holding the entire deck while meditating.

Something that has entered my mind recently is that I'm making plans on moving in with my boyfriend at some point in the near future. I know this is probably something I need not really be concerned with, but this being the first time I will bring my cards into a space shared with someone else, I worry that his (rather powerful - he's a Leo and a Fire Dragon) energy/aura may interfere with my ability to connect with and read my cards.
Any words of wisdom on this?

March 29th, 2012


Not my own deck. I love the artwork and can't wait for it to be finished.

June 30th, 2010

I am curious about a male friend I am interested in and have recently gone out with. With my newly purchased Golden Tarot of Klimt, Is there romantic potential for me with Joseph?

Significator: King of Cups
Present environment: The Hanged Man
Crossing: Queen of Swords
Base of the Matter: Ace of Pentacles
Recent past: 10 of Cups
Crown: 9 of Cups
Immediate future: 10 of Wands
Self: The Stars
Others' influence: 9 of Pentacles
Hopes/fears/expectations: Page of Wands
Outcome: 6 of Wands

I appreciate the King of Cups' appearance as my significator. I am a Crab after all! It's a nice astrological touch from my first ever reading with this particular deck. Otherwise, while the Queen of Swords paints me as candid and outspoken, The Hanged Man suggests I am still quite open and vulnerable.

Did I miss anything in my own interpretation?Collapse )

May 12th, 2010


Mythic tarot, Have I serious rivals for Hasan's affections?

How he sees me: Knight of Cups
What he needs relationship wise: King of Wands
Other women in his life: 6 of Pentacles
Fate of these connections: Death
His amorous or friendly thoughts on me: Justice
Where we might be headed: 5 of Pentacles

Clarifier: 3 of Wands

Shadow card: 9 of Cups

Any thoughts?

March 21st, 2010

cleansing rites

In response to a couple of requests regarding cleansing decks, I thought I'd open up the topic for discussion.

I first began working with Tarot at the same time my religious practices shifted from a conservative Christian faith to a Pagan philosophy so my understanding to both Tarot and ritual evolved simultaneously. Because I did not have a traditional mentor in either and do not follow a specific practice or tradition, much of what I developed came from my own understanding of what I learned from books and a widening network of pagan spiritualists that I began interacting with.

As I explain the cleansing rituals I used then and now, I want to honor and invite others to share their thought and experiences.

cut for spaceCollapse )

March 15th, 2010

Two of Swords.

I had the opportunity to hang out with the Seafair Pirates the other day when it dawned on me that there were a LOT of swords in the immediate company. Here is one I just took spur of the moment for the Two of Swords. X posted to my LJ, tarot and tarot_week

November 18th, 2009

Online Readings


This is an acutal online reading, and one of a variety of spreads that I offer at my tarot site. The spread this client chose was a simple three-card-spread, and she had some very specific questions but provided me with no other information except those questions. That's okay, the less information, the better. I read using the intuitive method, which makes for readings that are interesting and sometimes filled with unexpected insights. Intutive readings also tend to be less mechanical and repetitive.

The client was pleased with her reading, the information revealed, and the insights gleaned from this experience:

Tarot Reading


Will I find the wisdom & guidance to handle this situation between my two girls?

4/wands ®……….Knight/cups ®……….5/swords

4/wands ®: The four of wands is generally a card of celebration and foundation. Reversed, it tells me that there is no cause for celebration at the moment, that the foundation of the relationship you have with your girls has been shaken. I also get the impression of too many hands in the middle of everything. Too many people trying to give advice, too many people who may feel they have a say in this situation regarding you and your girls. This card tells me that you need to step back from this chaos and find your inner stillness, your inner self. Re-evaluate the situation: What rattled the foundation in the first place? What must be done/who must be faced to find a solution or acceptable compromise? Dismiss, if not the people literally who are trying to manipulate this situation, at least dismiss their opinions, their involvement. Tell them to step back. Set your boundaries. Too many hands in the pot will only delay finding a solution. Having too many people involved may also confuse your girls, or negatively affect their feeling of security.

Knight/cups ®: This Knight generally heralds new relationships, but he can also represent an individual, and in this case, the fact that he is reversed must be given serious consideration. When reversed, this Knight may have ulterior motives. He may also be deliberately deceiving; sometimes he has secrets, and often he isn’t working alone. This Knight, who has his own agenda, often masquerades in the guise of a well-meaning friend or family member (husband, lover, brother, etc.)…Or this is perhaps the role this Knight started out with. He has the capability of turning your world upside down. He also has serious weak points, and it is to your advantage to discover what these weak points are. This knowledge will give you leverage and a modicum of control. In a few of my readings, this card merely points to an imbalance in a relationship.

5/swords: This card reeks of conflict, bickering, and battles—emotional, personal, familial, and sometimes legal. This card almost always warns of ‘winning the battle, but losing the war’. You have to pick carefully the fine points that you feel you must fight for, and recognize those issues that you can let go. Remember, if you win enough little battles, the overall victory could still be yours. Also, you may stand alone right now, and don’t let any type of outside influence cloud your mind, your thought process, or your decisions.

*Note: As I laid these cards, a couple of issues/questions came to my mind. I’m not listing any questions here for you to answer to me. But instead, think on these questions and, depending upon your answers, apply it to this reading…

First, you should be aware that the older child may be over-shadowed by the younger sibling, or she at least feels as though she is.

Second, do these girls have the same father, or are there two different paternal figures in this picture?—Apply the answer to this question to your reading.

November 11th, 2009

Monday night, I was doing a Tarot reading for my mom as we have had a death in the family and we know everything has and will change. We wanted to know what the cards had to say, so I did a general reading. I just did a basic Celtic cross. However this reading caught my interest when I saw the cards. Whenever there was a Wand, there was a Sword to match it: 5’s, 6’s, and Aces. I have a feeling that matching Swords and Wands mean something, but I am not sure what. . . Could some please tell what they could mean?


  1. Situation: Hierophant
  2. Influence: 6 of Swords
  3. Foundation: 5 of Wands (Reversed)
  4. Past: 9 of Swords
  5. Present: Hermit
  6. Future Events: 5 of Swords (Reversed)
  7. Inner self: 6 of Wands
  8. Outer World: Death (Reversed)
  9. Hope/Fear: Ace of Wands
  10.  Outcome: Ace of Swords

November 2nd, 2009

Ten of Cups: Conquering weakness, Success in internal struggle.
Devil INV: Freedom from bondage, escape
Six of Wands: Charging into battle, Great success after long stuggle

Signifier Eight of Cups INV : Freedom from oppression, Great Release

September 2nd, 2009

...about a job interview sprung on me for tomorrow:

Mind: The Lovers
Body: Knight of Cups
Spirit: Seven of Swords.

When I looked at them initially, I was a bit confused and so I shuffled again and simply asked if I should have hopes of getting the job: 

The Lovers.

Since the cards were obviously emphatic, I really had to think about it for a while.  At first the Seven of Swords threw me, because I *have* been rather spiritually distant, but I didn't see how that applied to my initial question.  After some considerable thought (and some checking and re-checking to make sure I'm not trying to falsely convince myself of something that I'm very hopeful about) this was my conclusion:

This is a job in an area where I have an abiding fascination, an enduring bond; it's something to be remembered.
Action and appearance should be full of poetry and creativity, but avoid going over the top.
Time to stop being a lone wolf and rejoin the greater society.

Expect union.

Anyone have comments or suggestions on this interpretation?  I'm curious.

PS: Please cross your fingers for me; I've been looking for a job since March!
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and wykkdspet (my journal)

September 3 Update:
The manager called me today; I got the job.  I've not noticed anything untoward yet, but I'll be sure to keep my eyes open.  Thanks again!

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