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Tarot Musings with Arwen


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Fool, RWS, Rider Waite Smith
Tarot Musings
Tarot Musings


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I've been a long time absent from a few online forums, LJ being only one of them.
I received notices in my email recently, about friends' birthdays, and a few friends' LJ updates.
Looked into my messages here (I had stored up about 14 pages worth of past updates from other people), deleted what was no longer pertinent/necessary/taken down by the author, and among those older alerts were a few posts from this community.

I'm still learning (do you ever stop learning tarot?), and recently I haven't so much been trying to actually read; I gradually came to a kind of conclusion that maybe a change in tactic might be necessary for me to make progress in my learning, and I've been having sessions of randomly shuffling and pulling cards, in between just holding the entire deck while meditating.

Something that has entered my mind recently is that I'm making plans on moving in with my boyfriend at some point in the near future. I know this is probably something I need not really be concerned with, but this being the first time I will bring my cards into a space shared with someone else, I worry that his (rather powerful - he's a Leo and a Fire Dragon) energy/aura may interfere with my ability to connect with and read my cards.
Any words of wisdom on this?
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