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Tarot Musings with Arwen

Romantic potential

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Fool, RWS, Rider Waite Smith
Tarot Musings
Tarot Musings

Romantic potential

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I am curious about a male friend I am interested in and have recently gone out with. With my newly purchased Golden Tarot of Klimt, Is there romantic potential for me with Joseph?

Significator: King of Cups
Present environment: The Hanged Man
Crossing: Queen of Swords
Base of the Matter: Ace of Pentacles
Recent past: 10 of Cups
Crown: 9 of Cups
Immediate future: 10 of Wands
Self: The Stars
Others' influence: 9 of Pentacles
Hopes/fears/expectations: Page of Wands
Outcome: 6 of Wands

I appreciate the King of Cups' appearance as my significator. I am a Crab after all! It's a nice astrological touch from my first ever reading with this particular deck. Otherwise, while the Queen of Swords paints me as candid and outspoken, The Hanged Man suggests I am still quite open and vulnerable.

The Ace of Pentacles represents something practical or tangible. I must stay grounded to build upon any opportunities presented to me.

I have joined a community or reached a place of friendship with the 10 of Cups. The 9 of Cups above me portends emotional fulfillment and satisfaction in these relationships. Since I inquired specifically about Joseph, he just might add to these good feelings.

The 10 of Wands brings responsibility. Perhaps I can use the resources indicated in the Ace of Pentacles, combined with the connections made in the 10 of Cups, and delegate some of my responsibilities to others. Unlike the Queen of Swords, I don't need to go it alone all the time, despite being used to being alone.

Things are looking up for me with The Stars. I have made the sacrifices and learned the lessons to set me on this particular King of Cups path. I am being supported by the Ace of Pentacles and my emotional needs are being met through the 10 of Cups and the 9 of Cups. I will be catered to and indulged with the 9 of Pentacles.

The Page of Wands is active and adventurous. A friendship with Joseph won't stand still. I am being challenged to be passionate and to be a participant.

The triumphant 6 of Wands reinforces the satisfied 9 of Cups. I shine in my passionate friendship with Joseph. I exude confidence and radiate self-esteem. This most certainly has potential.
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