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This is an acutal online reading, and one of a variety of spreads that I offer at my tarot site. The spread this client chose was a simple three-card-spread, and she had some very specific questions but provided me with no other information except those questions. That's okay, the less information, the better. I read using the intuitive method, which makes for readings that are interesting and sometimes filled with unexpected insights. Intutive readings also tend to be less mechanical and repetitive.

The client was pleased with her reading, the information revealed, and the insights gleaned from this experience:

Tarot Reading


Will I find the wisdom & guidance to handle this situation between my two girls?

4/wands ®……….Knight/cups ®……….5/swords

4/wands ®: The four of wands is generally a card of celebration and foundation. Reversed, it tells me that there is no cause for celebration at the moment, that the foundation of the relationship you have with your girls has been shaken. I also get the impression of too many hands in the middle of everything. Too many people trying to give advice, too many people who may feel they have a say in this situation regarding you and your girls. This card tells me that you need to step back from this chaos and find your inner stillness, your inner self. Re-evaluate the situation: What rattled the foundation in the first place? What must be done/who must be faced to find a solution or acceptable compromise? Dismiss, if not the people literally who are trying to manipulate this situation, at least dismiss their opinions, their involvement. Tell them to step back. Set your boundaries. Too many hands in the pot will only delay finding a solution. Having too many people involved may also confuse your girls, or negatively affect their feeling of security.

Knight/cups ®: This Knight generally heralds new relationships, but he can also represent an individual, and in this case, the fact that he is reversed must be given serious consideration. When reversed, this Knight may have ulterior motives. He may also be deliberately deceiving; sometimes he has secrets, and often he isn’t working alone. This Knight, who has his own agenda, often masquerades in the guise of a well-meaning friend or family member (husband, lover, brother, etc.)…Or this is perhaps the role this Knight started out with. He has the capability of turning your world upside down. He also has serious weak points, and it is to your advantage to discover what these weak points are. This knowledge will give you leverage and a modicum of control. In a few of my readings, this card merely points to an imbalance in a relationship.

5/swords: This card reeks of conflict, bickering, and battles—emotional, personal, familial, and sometimes legal. This card almost always warns of ‘winning the battle, but losing the war’. You have to pick carefully the fine points that you feel you must fight for, and recognize those issues that you can let go. Remember, if you win enough little battles, the overall victory could still be yours. Also, you may stand alone right now, and don’t let any type of outside influence cloud your mind, your thought process, or your decisions.

*Note: As I laid these cards, a couple of issues/questions came to my mind. I’m not listing any questions here for you to answer to me. But instead, think on these questions and, depending upon your answers, apply it to this reading…

First, you should be aware that the older child may be over-shadowed by the younger sibling, or she at least feels as though she is.

Second, do these girls have the same father, or are there two different paternal figures in this picture?—Apply the answer to this question to your reading.

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