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Tarot Musings with Arwen

Tarot reading asking for advice...

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Fool, RWS, Rider Waite Smith
Tarot Musings
Tarot Musings

Tarot reading asking for advice...

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You're Screwed.
...about a job interview sprung on me for tomorrow:

Mind: The Lovers
Body: Knight of Cups
Spirit: Seven of Swords.

When I looked at them initially, I was a bit confused and so I shuffled again and simply asked if I should have hopes of getting the job: 

The Lovers.

Since the cards were obviously emphatic, I really had to think about it for a while.  At first the Seven of Swords threw me, because I *have* been rather spiritually distant, but I didn't see how that applied to my initial question.  After some considerable thought (and some checking and re-checking to make sure I'm not trying to falsely convince myself of something that I'm very hopeful about) this was my conclusion:

This is a job in an area where I have an abiding fascination, an enduring bond; it's something to be remembered.
Action and appearance should be full of poetry and creativity, but avoid going over the top.
Time to stop being a lone wolf and rejoin the greater society.

Expect union.

Anyone have comments or suggestions on this interpretation?  I'm curious.

PS: Please cross your fingers for me; I've been looking for a job since March!
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September 3 Update:
The manager called me today; I got the job.  I've not noticed anything untoward yet, but I'll be sure to keep my eyes open.  Thanks again!

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